Our Services

Blanketing and Inspection

One on One

Each day our horses are looked over for injuries, properly suited for the weather, and turned out with pasture mates.

Our team says the best part of the day is handling the horses. We know our boarded horses- their behaviors and tendencies. We know when they are “off” and are vigilant about looking for signs of illness or injury.  

hay and grass

Easy keeper or not, we feed to suit the horse’s needs.

Some horses do well grazing all day, some need the restriction of a few grass flakes. Maybe a muzzle is needed, or several alfalfa flakes need to be available in the evening/overnight. We are happy to work with you and your vet to get your horse the right amount (and type) of nutrition.


Grain, Medications, Supplements, and More

meeting health needs

Our team is not intimidated by varying diets/medications/treatments.

Time delay medications? Injections? Pills? Powders? Soaks? Yes, we will do it.

Eye drops? Skin ointments? Yes.

Wraps? Icing? Abscess hoof wrapping? Hand walking? Thrush or scratches treatment? Yes. 

These are just a few care items we have done in the past. If the Vet prescribes a regiment or treatment, we will administer it at the boarders request.    


Extra Grain

Cavalor Action, Seniority GC Plus, and Silhouette. $0.71-$1.16 per pound over 2 lb/day.


5 days/week, monthly $157.50

3 days/week, monthly $94.50

Per time $15.00


Icing, wrapping, etc.

Icing and wrapping $10

Hand Walking (15-20 minutes) $20


Body Clipping

Mane Pulling $30

Body Clipping (1/4 to full) $50-$100

No Turn Out (stall rest)

Per day $20

Per month $100

Boarding (2023)

Pasture only $700

10×12 interior stall $810

12×12 interior stall $835

With attached paddock:

10×12 exterior stall $925

12×12 exterior stall $975

13.5 x 12 exterior stall $1100

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